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Planetary Emergency

Town Square: Make Your Voice Heard

Harbor: Your Journey
Life Boats
Place4Us Status

Place4Us: The Social Collaboration Platform for You, Your Community, and the World

Place4Us Vision

A global ecosystem of Virtual Community Centers that constitute a Global Citizen Movement aiming to bring humanity together in an effort to reestablish the health of the Earth's life-support system and to ensure a future of wellbeing for all human and non-human life on Earth.

Why Your Community Should be On Place4Us

We provide the online platform Place4Us, you establish your Virtual Community Center (VCC), and you organize, develop, and govern your VCC together with your community.

Join the global community of communities working to create the future we want on a healthy planet.

Connect with others to actually build this future we need.

Collaborate to understand the challenges we face and to bring large-scale actions needed to govern the risks.

As you develop your VCC, you connect with other VCCs, share resources, learn from each other, and plan joint activities.

With your VCC you contribute to progress towards the shared vision of all VCCs on Place4Us. Have a look at the VCC-Primer ...

Hear from the people ...
Monica Oliphant's statement
TinaMarie Haskell's statement
Hans-Peter Plag's statement
Barry Clemson's statement
Vaughan Levitzke's statement