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Planetary Emergency

Town Square: Make Your Voice Heard

Harbor: Your Journey
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The Planetary Emergency

We are in an Emergency ...

We humans are ruling the planet! The future of humanity and the planet is in our hands. While we have created a life of prosperity and abundance for many, many more are suffering and the Earth's life-support system is in a planetary emergency. To overcome the emergency and have more of use share in the benefits of our achievements, we all need to come together to face the challenge. Only if we face the planetary emergency can we avoid a dystopic future. Together we need to engage in the urgent actions to change the paths we are on, and together we can develop pathways to a future where Earth remains a place for all of us.

The Participants of Place4Us are collaborating in promoting the

Declaration of Planetary Emergency.”

We urge you to participate in this effort. Comment and Participate ...

ChatGPT was asked “To what extent are we in a planetary emergency and what are the most urgent steps to tackle this emergency?” Here is the answer ...