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Hans-Peter Plag: Safeguarding the Planetary Life-Support Systems Requires Maintaining the Purpose of These Systems

The purpose of a system is what it does (POSIWID). Since Stafford Beer formulated this foundational statement, a lot of effort has been on designing societal systems that do what their intended purpose is. To a far lesser extent, the statement has been used to determine the purpose of the physiol ...

Published on 2023/10/11/11/24/ by Hans-Peter Plag

Hans-Peter Plag: The Meaning of Life

It's not about what we can do but about what we feel when we do it.

It's not about the poem we write but about what the poem we write does to us.

While Generative Artificial Intelligence tools might write poems that seem to be better than our poems, writing the poem will not create an exp ...

Published on 2023/08/27/10/24/00 by Hans-Peter Plag

Hans-Peter Plag: AI Does not have the “Feeling of Life Itself” - it is Depleting our Life Experience

In many publication considering the challenges or dangers of AI, the fact that AI can do many things better than humans is the basis for a reasoning that AI might take jobs away from people and increase productivity. This is a fundamentally flawed view on the impact of AI. It is flawed because it ...

Published on 2023/04/11/00/10/00 by Hans-Peter Plag

Barry Clemson: Stages of Consciousness

Probably the best known examples in the Western world are Piaget’s stages of cognitive development and Kohlberg’s stages of moral development. Ken Wilber (A Brief History of Everything) is probably the most authoritative and most widely respected author in this area. Wilber found about 200 diffe ...

Published on 2022/11/01/17/50/00 by Barry Clemson

Hans-Peter Plag: Changing What We Do is Changing the Story

György Buzsáki (2022) states that "Perception is what we do." Christof Koch (2019) describes consciousness as "the feeling of life itself." The feeling of life is the result of our perception of the inside and outside worlds combined. Then, what we do is what we feel and what we a ...

Published on 2022/10/12/09/32/00 by Hans-Peter Plag

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